Getting Started with AWS

Getting Started with AWS


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What is Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a method of delivering computing services over the Internet. This enables faster computing, flexible resources, and easy scaling.

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What is AWS (Amazon Web Services)?

Amazon web service is an online platform that provides scalable and cost-effective cloud computing solutions.

History of AWS

  • 2002 - AWS Launched
  • 2006 - AWS Cloud Services Launched
  • 2015 - AWS achieved $4.6 billion in revenue
  • 2016 - AWS achieved $10 billion in revenue
  • 2019 - AWS launched around 100 services

Applications of AWS

  1. Storage and Backup
  2. Websites Hosting
  3. Cloud Gaming

Advantages of AWS

  1. Security
  2. Global Availability
  3. Scalability and Flexibility

Major AWS Services

  1. Compute service
  2. Storage
  3. Database
  4. Networking and delivery of content
  5. Security tools
  6. Developer tools
  7. Management tools


1. Compute service

These services help developers build, deploy, and scale an application in the cloud platform.


2. Storage

AWS provides web data storage service for archiving data. Also, its primary advantage is disaster data recovery with high durability.


3. Database

AWS database domain service offers cost-efficient, highly secure, and scalable database instances in the cloud.


4. Networking and Delivery of Content

It offers a highly secure cloud platform and connects your physical network to your private VN with a high transfer speed.


5. Developer Tools

It helps a user build, deploy, and run an application source code automatically. It also updates the server and instance on the workload.


6. Security, Identity & Compliance

It helps in monitoring a safe environment for your AWS resources by providing limited access to specific users.

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7. Management Tools

Using this service, an individual can optimize costs, minimize risks, and automate all the resources running efficiently on the AWS infrastructure.



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